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Wendle Drum Company: How we started

Luke, Lara, Wendy and I have been friends for a long time. We would sing together, we would worship together, we would do life together. Wendy and I have a small woodworking business, where we produce custom millwork like kitchens, vanities, mantles etc. In the spring of 2020, Luke bought himself a custom snare drum and showed it to me. The next one he was going to get was a popcorn snare. In studying this drum I thought it might be something Wendy and I could make together in the shop. I could machine and glue the parts together, and Wendy could sand, finish and assemble the drum. Wendy was always looking for something of her own to do in the shop and this was a good way for her to work beside me. We had talked about her making drums as a side business, where she could make them and sell them online.
On June 1st 2020 Wendy had a massive stroke and passed into Glory at the age of 60. She was the better part of us and I miss her deeply. In the days that followed her passing, I would find myself in the shop doing something, anything not be completely overwhelmed by the loss of my wife. It was during those days that I remembered the drum Luke had, and that he had wanted a popcorn snare. So I found some sapele and mahogany, in the shop, and made 2 popcorn snare shells. With shells in hand, I went to see my friend Luke.
Luke, having been a drummer all his life, always wanted to have some part in the drumming industry. Once he saw the shells he knew this was an opportunity to get into the business. He knew what heads to use, what throw offs, what hardware works. Luke knows what a drummers needs are and how to integrate them into a drum. Rod knows wood and how important the fit and finish is. So together, we decided to pursue this business of drum making. Rod the wood guy, and Luke the drummer. Anyone that knows Luke, knows that he has a nickname for everyone. His nickname for Wendy was Wendle. So to honor Wendy, we named the business the Wendle drum company.

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Rod Gehret


I have been working with wood since I was about 10 years old. I have built many pieces of furniture and have spent the better part of 20 years building and installing custom millwork in multimillion dollar homes. I have always had a wood shop available, but recently I started my own woodworking business, to fulfill a lifelong passion for woodworking on my own terms.

Luca Desiato


I have been a Professional Drummer for 45 Years, performing with Grammy award winning artists and continuing to work as a session player in the Tri-State area. I've always had a passion for drumming and quality instruments.